Figurines wearing Butoh costumes and depicting plastic movements represent my latest work. Each of them framed, trapped in a black frozen surface as an amniotic liquid able to reveal them partially, totally or hide them almost completely

Their white masks is in contrast with their expressive poses, metaphorically hiding their identity and emotions revealed only by the their gestures. The black and white outcast reinforce this statement.

They seem frozen in holding their poses, almost if abandoned and in decay, this apparent death is contrasted by the action of entropy on their bodies: nature grows on them, triggering a new transformation, a metamorphosis that take place inside this imaginary amniotic liquid functioning as a chrysalis. Entropy gives new life and a new shape to what was once abandoned, damaged and forgotten. Such transformation is also represented by the intrinsic effect of the glazing process: I choose specific glazes able to unpredictably transform under the effect of the fire and atmosphere: Therefore, the process cant be completely controlled by my action; the unpredictability of nature is a very present component along all the making. For me, it plays as a reminder to where we stand as living creatures on this planet and to preserve our humility and serenity towards nature and life.

 Eva Cocco